Monday, 11 April 2011

On my internet browsing today I stumbled across some gorgeous new pieces to add to second "home" post as you'll see below! These posts are a great way of documenting bits and pieces that I love and am inspired by for the future... I'm always visualising that little house with a cute fence and brightly painted front door!

Being a big lover of felines, I am crazy for stupid stuff like this. They are so kitsch, tacky, retro and adorably sweet! They remind me of some amazing vintage find you just happen to stumble across at a boot sale gathering dust. When funds allow, I'd love to buy these even though I fear it will cost me a small fortune including overseas postage and customs charges! They are from

How cute would this radio look in a little cottage-style cosy kitchen? The print is just beautiful...

Adorable candle pots that I found at You can choose your letters to say what you wish, but I think this message is perfect for the bedroom you share with your sweetheart!
And this just because it's the coolest door mat I've ever come across! I'm a bit of a sucker for the nautical trend/theme. This one comes from I've a new obsession with this American website. Please open up a UK base... please, please, please!
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  1. Some beautiful pieces! Those kittys are SOOO cute! I love that little CK radio, just so inpractical for my room dammit. NEED those 'i love you' candles, candles are so gorgeous! + that anchor doormat, perfecto! xx

  2. Those candle pots are so sweet! And eep, the doormat is so lovely haha, would make a lovely extra touch to a home (: xx

  3. OMG I have almost the same cat ornaments! I'm going to take a picture of it soon ^^

    I love/hate Modcloth: love their products, hate their uberhigh shippingcosts =w=


  4. i think im going to blame you for making me buy that doormat!! xx


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