Friday, 21 October 2011

I've always been a person who prefers to stay in than go out. I like nights out... but generally I  prefer being in a warm and cosy house with people I love, lots of food and a good film or box set than out and about if given the choice! This is how this weekend was spent... (p.s. excuse the crappy iPhone pictures, my camera is still busted!)
PIZZA! We ordered a mammoth Dominos in, partly because they had some great pizza offers on (but mainly because they sell Ben & Jerry's... teehee) Heavenly!

Favourite box set for a night in would be any season of The Office (USA version). I don't think a TV show exists that is funnier than this one... we love!

I then spent two days off work to have a little break and catch up on all my jewellery orders. It's been so lovely sat in my little craft room for two days just working for myself. I really could get used to it! However it's made a wee bit more difficult when you have cats... Tink just didn't want to leave my side all day and kept taking over my workspace!

Aw! Don't forget my half price code ends tonight at midnight so get in quick if you want some bargain jewels before my new stock comes in!

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