Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I've noticed recently that I have a bad memory. Chris will remind me of "the time when I got you this..." or "when we went here for this occasion" and I'll be sat there blank for a while. Why do I need such a vivid explanation given to me in order for a vaguely familiar recollection to enter my head? I really don't like it!

This is one of the reasons why photos are important to me. I have so many snaps that wouldn't mean a thing to anyone else, but it helps me plug my memories from draining out of my wee head! I'm currently on the lookout for a massive photo album. So I'm posting for myself...
My week as well as birthday celebrations has consisted of too many lavish meals, too many shopping trips, being utterly spoilt, building new flat-pack furniture (Ikea, I love you) and the following...

1. I sorted out my jewels, these are my favourites but there's another drawer full I'm yet to tackle! 2. Milkshake cocktails before going to see Insidious at the flicks (very scary film btw, good though!) Mine was "strawberry cheesecake" with amaretto! 3. Tried a fishtail plait. It worked, but with my layers the top bits all started coming out! 4. I have to show my support for Man Utd (Chris bought the shirt after all, heehee) 5. Dilly bear loving the sunshine, she's so cute I could just eat her up. 6. His and hers Toms! A silly pic, but there's a massive size difference haha! 7. Homemade birthday cupcakes courtesy of Charlotte, so thoughtful... and they were yummy! 8. Finally, lollies in the sunshine :-)

An update if anyone's wondering: I'm still waiting for my lovely bag (earlier post here) for my giveaway, it should be here any day now!


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ahh we had such a lovely day! Me and Christopher woke up early, loaded the Punto with snacks and set off for Chester Zoo. After 3 and a bit years together we've never done anything like this, so we thought, why not try something different! It was such gorgeous weather all day, we could just take a break in the pretty gardens and eat ice cream! I got some gorgeous snaps of the animals too, most of which are endangered so they call it a "conservation" zoo. So many baby elephants and so many Timones! (meerkats, lol. Lion King anyone?).

Next time I think we'll take the family along with us as well as a big picnic basket :-) birthday week was off to a good start!
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