Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pack of 4 polishes - Primark £2

I'll start off by saying, I LOVE these nail polishes! As last weekend fell on pay day, I decided to have a little splurge in Primark (I'm lucky as I live right by a HUGE one) and easily got rid of £90. Oops. But it is a new season and I managed to find a huge bag's worth of lovely stuff so I think I did well! 

I picked this set up from the beauty section thinking they were a nice set of metallic polishes, but when I got home I realised that one of them is actually a two tone polish that greatly resembles the Models Own Beetlejuice range - the one above is a mix of glittering green and pink. It goes onto the nail quite dark until it catches the light and shows off its colours!

The others are lovely too, they're all very shiny metallic with subtle colour, only needing 2 coats for perfect coverage. The best bit? They work out as only 50p a bottle. Such a bargain!
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I know it's only October, but I'm already excited for Christmas. Even as an adult I still get excited to open my Christmas presents, and I've been very lucky to receive some wonderful things over the years. But none compare to the excitement and the hype that surrounded one Christmas way back in the 90's...

The Furby was the "must-have" toy of Christmas 1998, and at the wee age of 10 I was amongst the kids who desperately wanted one. I'd never wanted a toy so bad. Other 90's kids will know how much everyone needed one of these things! "It's a weird owl/hamster/Gizmo creature thing that talks Furbish and you have to 'teach' it to speak English! I can teach him! Can I have one please please!?" I asked. 

But "Furby's sold out everywhere" they said. I was convinced me and my Furbz would never be together! Full of disappointment, I went back to the Argos catalogue and tried to circle other toys I might like, but it wasn't the same... all I wanted was my Furby. However, thanks to my pops and grandad queueing up in town in the early hours of one Winter morning, Christmas day came and I finally got to open a Furby. He was all miiiiiiine. I squealed with happiness! He was grey with black spots, with a pink mane and belly, and went by the name of Coco (I didn't call him that, he told me that was his name).

I had a lot of fun with Furby, though we did eventually grow apart. He wanted to be tickled, fed and played with all the time and I had new toys to play with. He was whining a lot, and when he kept shouting out how bored he was ("boring!" he'd shout across the room) I decided it was time to take the batteries out. A tough decision, but it was time to kill my Furby. He was just too needy!

A few years after that he was taken out of storage, dusted off and sold to another little girl at a car boot sale and we said our final goodbyes. The little girl was so happy to take my Furby home with her, it made me smile. It was good while it lasted and to this day he's still my best Christmas gift ever. I'll never forget my Furby :-)

Are you a 90's kid? What was your most memorable gift ever?
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mozzypop is developing a set colour theme since I redesigned my blog banner with my handwriting. I'm finally happy with it; I'm not itching to change it any time soon like any of my older ones. I think it's because it's completely personal this time and a font I drew with my own fingertips!

My shop banner and colour theme runs in line with the blog, so that required new packaging! I feel it still has a long way to go to get it looking exactly as I want it, but it's getting there. I've had dozens of "thank you" notes printed which are just so cute, I'm really pleased! My intention is to have all my shop items wrapped so sweetly that when a buyer receives it, it's like opening a little present!
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Carvela Kurt Geiger - Grand heels

Myself, Chris and his family went to a black tie party this weekend which was a great excuse to buy a fancy new dress and heels, gotta love dressing up! I bought this dress from Coast in the end, except I got it in a blue/indigo colour not magenta! As for the heels... well, I should and normally would have felt very guilty when paying for these but I SO didn't! Because...

1. 75% of my wardrobe is probably Primark!

2. I don't spend as much on fashion as lots of ladies my age do...
3. They are excellent quality; after 6 hours wear all crystals are still in place!
4. And I do work hard to earn my dosh...
5. ...but mainly because they're STUNNING. BEAUTIFUL. SO SPARKLY! 

I dunno. Sometimes I get the old "shoppers remorse" feeling when I come home with things. But occasionally, you'll buy a product and no matter how pricey, it just feels right! :-) haha

Have you picked up any items you are very much in love with, recently?
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Monday, 2 January 2012

Here a few snaps of my Christmas holiday and some of my presents! I love keeping photos like this that I can look back on from year to year... I got this cute satchel from the parents. I love it, it fits everything in including my camera which I'm chuffed about! Then you can see festive Weezy in his red and white collar - the cats love present opening time, they go nuts playing in and out of paper and empty boxes! And he's me and Chris after Xmas dinner no. 2 :-) mmm... so much foooooood!

Mom put together a fab basket full of cosmetics, bath bombs and nail polishes for me and my sister... filled with pink tissue paper and topped off with a ribbon. These glitzy ones were my favourites, obviously! Box sets of Family Guy and Modern Family were the TV shows of choice this Xmas... making me and Chris giggle ourselves silly. Then you'll see the littlest cat we have, Tink sleeping in his RSPCA cat bed. We bought this about a year ago, and for some reason all 3 of them hated it and were scared silly to even step into it. Since it was placed onto Tinky's favourite spot on the kitchen table, he suddenly loves it more than anything. He won't leave the bed unless he needs to eat or poop, and growls when the other two come near! Ironic though that it's an RSPCA bed, as he was the abandoned little cat that we took in off the streets :-) my little tiger-bear!

I couldn't really afford them, but I HAD to go and buy these colourful drawers I dreamt of in this post, because I knew they'd go so well in my bathroom! So these were a wee Xmas gift to me, from me ;-) but I don't regret buying them, as they're so pretty and extremely useful. The amazing Yeti slipper boots came from my sister and the recipe book from Chris - he must like my cooking haha! So all in all, it's been a LOVELY LOVELY holiday...

We got back from London last night and I have a cool few snaps to share so I'll be back with those :-) Hope everyone's New Year was truly fabulous... I can't wait to go and catch up on some blogs to see what you've all been up to!
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