Monday, 2 January 2012

Here a few snaps of my Christmas holiday and some of my presents! I love keeping photos like this that I can look back on from year to year... I got this cute satchel from the parents. I love it, it fits everything in including my camera which I'm chuffed about! Then you can see festive Weezy in his red and white collar - the cats love present opening time, they go nuts playing in and out of paper and empty boxes! And he's me and Chris after Xmas dinner no. 2 :-) mmm... so much foooooood!

Mom put together a fab basket full of cosmetics, bath bombs and nail polishes for me and my sister... filled with pink tissue paper and topped off with a ribbon. These glitzy ones were my favourites, obviously! Box sets of Family Guy and Modern Family were the TV shows of choice this Xmas... making me and Chris giggle ourselves silly. Then you'll see the littlest cat we have, Tink sleeping in his RSPCA cat bed. We bought this about a year ago, and for some reason all 3 of them hated it and were scared silly to even step into it. Since it was placed onto Tinky's favourite spot on the kitchen table, he suddenly loves it more than anything. He won't leave the bed unless he needs to eat or poop, and growls when the other two come near! Ironic though that it's an RSPCA bed, as he was the abandoned little cat that we took in off the streets :-) my little tiger-bear!

I couldn't really afford them, but I HAD to go and buy these colourful drawers I dreamt of in this post, because I knew they'd go so well in my bathroom! So these were a wee Xmas gift to me, from me ;-) but I don't regret buying them, as they're so pretty and extremely useful. The amazing Yeti slipper boots came from my sister and the recipe book from Chris - he must like my cooking haha! So all in all, it's been a LOVELY LOVELY holiday...

We got back from London last night and I have a cool few snaps to share so I'll be back with those :-) Hope everyone's New Year was truly fabulous... I can't wait to go and catch up on some blogs to see what you've all been up to!
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