Sunday, 1 July 2012

Carvela Kurt Geiger - Grand heels

Myself, Chris and his family went to a black tie party this weekend which was a great excuse to buy a fancy new dress and heels, gotta love dressing up! I bought this dress from Coast in the end, except I got it in a blue/indigo colour not magenta! As for the heels... well, I should and normally would have felt very guilty when paying for these but I SO didn't! Because...

1. 75% of my wardrobe is probably Primark!

2. I don't spend as much on fashion as lots of ladies my age do...
3. They are excellent quality; after 6 hours wear all crystals are still in place!
4. And I do work hard to earn my dosh...
5. ...but mainly because they're STUNNING. BEAUTIFUL. SO SPARKLY! 

I dunno. Sometimes I get the old "shoppers remorse" feeling when I come home with things. But occasionally, you'll buy a product and no matter how pricey, it just feels right! :-) haha

Have you picked up any items you are very much in love with, recently?
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