Wednesday, 13 February 2013

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in London on the most romantic day of the year, I will be very envious as you’ll sure be in for a amazing day! London is my favourite city; it's easy to get to and affords a wealth of romantic experiences and opportunities to share a lovely moment. Here are my top five tips for getting romantic in the city...

1. Take in the breathtaking views and enjoy a romantic walk – like all romantic films set in London, there is no better way to enjoy romance than to take in the views of London’s spectacular landmarks. There are plenty of romantic spots to soak up this atmosphere – the London Eye, Big Ben or a walk along the river, for example.

2. Enjoy a West End show together – there are plenty to choose from and many deals to be found. Going to the theatre is something we don’t get to do every day, so you’ll instantly feel special. Be sure to buy your partner an ice cream in the interval though!

3. Gentlemen... take your lady shopping and make her feel special – with so many shops in London this could feel overwhelming at best but not to fear. Try to focus your search and buy her something special like a silver necklace she can treasure forever. There are so many places to buy jewellery in London but I'd head straight to Pandora where you’ll find so many options, together you’ll be able to find the unique gift special to her. Plus, with Pandora’s ever expanding collections of charms and pendants – she’ll be able to keep collecting special jewellery to mark these special moments - I love this idea! Perhaps a visit to a Pandora store could become a Valentine’s day tradition she’ll really love you for!

These are my absolute favourite Valentine charm picks from the luxurious Pandora store... how gorgeous are those little lovebirds?!:

4. Take her for a romantic and cosy meal – London is world renowned for its multitude of culinary delights. Whatever your taste, you will definitely find the perfect restaurant for your special evening. There is everything in this city! If you’ve enjoyed a trip away together, to Spain for example, why don’t you take her to a Spanish restaurant and re-live your special memories?

5. Enjoy an overnight stay in a fancy hotel. One of my favourite pastimes! After a visit to the London Eye, a romantic meal, and a trip to the Pandora store – you’ll deserve a relaxing space to escape the hustle and bustle. A romantic hotel stay is the perfect way to end your Valentine’s day in London and will sure be one to remember. And don't forget to take lots of photos to remember your lovely trip!

*This post was composed in partnership with Pandora*
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  1. London is my favourite city too ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I wish I was in London for V-Day. Actually, I just wish I was in London all the time :L

    1. Me too... it's just such an amazing place! x

  3. such lovely ideas I hoping to spend my 2nd anniversary there next yr (we got married close to v day )


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