Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hummingbird necklace: c/o Lily Charmed

Dainty jewellery seems to be really popular at the moment, from skinny bracelets to stackable rings... and this delicate little necklace fits right in with that trend. I was gifted this beautiful piece from Lily Charmed who are a jewellery company based in the UK creating unique charms and jewellery to "celebrate special occasions and relationships" - each piece you can design yourself and comes with a message card that frames the jewellery with the personalised message of your choice, or you can choose from the pre-designed pieces to tell someone what they mean to you. This one I was sent is designed as a perfect gift for a bridesmaid, and reads a lovely message:

The packaging really is lovely too, it came gift boxed ready to present to someone and wrapped in a silky mint green ribbon...

I love the thought that goes into these pieces...
"Just like the busy and beautiful Hummingbird, this Bridesmaid Thank You Necklace will let your Bridesmaid know she is loved and appreciated every time she puts it on."

I may not be anyone's bridesmaid, but this is a necklace I will wear again and again. It comes in two lengths and is fine Sterling Silver which means if I look after it, it will last a long time! I think the prices for unique fine jewellery are SO reasonable as well, this piece is only £27... and they ship worldwide!

Just beautiful :-)

If you need a gift for a friend, bride, bridesmaid, mum, girlfriend or wife, here you will find a beautiful piece of jewellery with the perfect message to make her smile. My other favourite is this Jigsaw Piece necklace... "we are pieces of the same puzzle". Adorable!

You can find Lily Charmed at, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.
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  1. This is lovely

  2. Love delicate pieces like this necklace!


  3. love this such a gorgeous and delicate piece

  4. Very cute necklace! Love the packaging.

    1. The packaging is just lovely, so much effort has gone in to making it special!

      Dayner x

  5. that so gorgeous! seriously want one now!

  6. The necklace is absolutely adorable, I love it

  7. This is just adorable, I want one- and I barely ever wear necklaces. I think I like it because it's so delicate, it wouldn't 'get in the way' if you know what I mean. I found your blog during the #bbloggers chat, really glad I did as I really like the look of it. I'm going to follow and give everything a good read :) xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. I agree, it's either full on statement necklaces or little tiny delicate ones for me!

      Thanks so much for following :-) x

  8. That is gorgeous, so delicate and cute

  9. I love this I will definitely consider something like this for my bridesmaid presents!


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