Monday, 12 August 2013

"Slide Away" by Oasis, Print c/o Victoria Loves on Etsy

I love independent shops and boutiques. Victoria Loves is a little store full of stylish and quirky art prints ready made in these gorgeous white shabby chic frames. They'd made really unique gifts and I love the range available, especially this one! These lyrics are from the Oasis song "Slide Away" - I was excited to get to choose this one as me and Chris love Oasis :-) This print is now going straight into bubble wrap and into my "bottom drawer" for when we buy our first house!

It's definitely worth a little browse in this store. This print is made for cat people... "Wherever I lay my cat, that's my home" ;-) lol! Love it! Will probably also have to get this one as I am most definitely having a load of cats, haha!

You can visit Victoria's store here, read her blog or follow her on Twitter!
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Sunday, 11 August 2013

I try my best to avoid the place as I KNOW that whenever I go in I will spend a small fortune. Primark - why must you take so much of my money? I'm kinda lucky as I live near a pretty big Primark. It has loads of new stock every week and EVERY single time I go could quite easily fill a basket. So could my mother, it's terrible if we go together. This time however I went in and out fairly quickly with Chris (took about 15 mins) and only managed to spend £40 this time, lol. Not bad! I absolutely love what I bought too, have a peek!

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The booties are perfect. I love the shape (the toes are slightly almond shaped which is great for shorties like me, I don't get on so well with rounded toes!), the heel is the perfect height and the gold zip and rim around the heel are such gorgeous little additions that make them a bit more special. They're so me, I'm in love. And only £18!

The satchel is justified as I don't have a bag this colour! Again, I just love all the gold bits and it was only £12. Purrrdy! I also picked up some other little bits, a necklace, face wipes, nail polish remover etc. Pretty decent little haul for 15 mins!

 Do you have a Primark addiction like me? Please tell me I'm not alone!
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