Wednesday, 25 September 2013

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Iced Latte - Boots

I didn't really have any intention on dyeing my hair darker, but as we had a friend's wedding recently and I had some ghastly 2" long root regrowth, something had to be done. I was going to just have my highlights re-done, but couldn't find anywhere cheaper than £100 for highlights and a cut and blow dry at such short notice... and I really do not want to justify £100 on my hair at the moment! So for a tenner, I bought two of these box dyes. I went for semi-permanent and thought, what's the worst that can happen?

I chose this shade as it's pretty similar to my natural hair colour, but maybe just a tinge darker and more golden. I was happy enough with the dye, it didn't have a strong smell and my hair felt fine afterwards. The best thing was the conditioner that comes in the box, that stuff is divine. It smells amazing and it leaves it so silky.

At first it came out really quite dark and I didn't like it (here is my hair before, although the sunlight makes it look like the roots blend in better than they did!) and as my hair was natural at the top and bleached further to the ends there was a difference in colour - it was more greyish where there had been bleach before. But it's been about 10 washes now, the harsh darkness has faded and I've really got to like it. My last highlights weren't great, the hairdresser put too much in giving me big chunky streaky bits and it went much more yellow than I'd have liked so I think a break from the blonde is a good thing. Plus, the darker colour hides my split ends (I still desperately need a cut, lol!)
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