Sunday, 8 December 2013

I've been really distracted the past few weeks hence a lack of posting, and the building above has been the distraction. Because... we finally bought a house!

After a pretty unsteady two years, endless fights with the family over hot water, a hell of a lot of saving, no social life for months and some help from our parents and the Governments "Help to Buy" scheme, we've managed to do it. We move in January 2014 and we're ecstatically excited yet incredibly terrified at the same time. But we can't wait and the next few weeks are gonna be complete madness, especially over Christmas (we must be crazy). It's going to be an odd final Christmas at home with our parents. But what an amazing Christmas gift to ourselves this is!

So I'll not be around much over the next few weeks... as we must go and pack our entire lives into boxes, and continue to pay out more fees than we ever dared to imagine in order to make it happen! Back soon :-)
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