Thursday, 31 January 2013

These amazing wellies came at just the right time! Last week when the UK was under a blanket of snow these pretty wellies from Barratts didn't leave my feet. Wellington boots are not the kind of footwear you'd usually think of when it comes to fashion... but who says practical and sensible footwear can't also be glamourous? I love the little pink rose pattern, and the small fuchsia pink heel makes them extra comfy! Wellies aren't just handy in the crappy weather however - hang on to them and use them again in the summer for festivals!

If you prefer a dinkier boot or have wider calves you could always try these ankle booties; these two pairs above are just lovely... very Vivienne Westwood. I'm in love with the bow design, they kinda remind me of Minnie Mouse! Which pair would you go for? Be sure to get yourself sorted with some pretty wellies, especially if you're a Brit! ;-)
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

This was the card I gave to my man this Christmas. Yes, my boyfriend is a 26 year old heterosexual male. However that did not stop me making him this card by hand featuring an overweight panda wearing a glitter Santa hat, complete with Christmas panda pun "Beary Xmas" (I'm hilarious, I know) enclosed in a ribboned glitter envelope. He did like it though ;-)

I love him dearly so this is kinda how I see Chris in my head. LOL. A big cuddly bear. 
I'm sure that's not normal.

When the shop cards don't do it for you, make one! Or is that just me.... lol
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