Sunday, 3 March 2013

I can go a couple of months and hardly go shopping at all, and then have the odd big splurge! This weekend has been a good one as we spent it in Manchester and Wilmslow, so a lot of indulgent food, one lovely hotel and a lot of shopping as it was payday weekend! Here are some of the lovely bits I picked up...

A selection of new Barry M nail polishes... they were 3 for 2 at Boots! 

I picked up this long silky feather top from Matalan (reduced to only £6!) which will look great with some skinny trousers and heels for the office, and some pretty new jewels!

Some new shoes from Primark, the red pair were £10 and the black were £5. BARGAIN! The red pair are velvety, but are actually a fantastic dupe of these ones from Jeffrey Campbell which are nearly £100!

Red blazer and black skinny trousers also from Primark. The gold zips on each garment match the other. I LOVE the cherry print lining of the jacket and the trousers are quite a thick stiff material, so should retain the skinny structured shape well.

I finally found a pencil skirt that is the right length for me (in other words it hits my knee, and doesn't drag down near my ankles like a granny!) in Next. The spotty top is a peplum and is SO flattering around the waist! Must be a sign I'm getting older as I really love some of Next's items these days, particularly the officewear! 

And finally, I've been after a pair of these for ages. The mid wedge heel! These were about £10-£12 from Primark and they're so comfy. They have a slighty wider fit and some special spongy stuff inside so they're very good for all day wear!

I'm loving that all the summer stuff, sandals and little dresses are making their way back in to shops too. Can't wait for summer!
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