Monday, 26 May 2014

We keep singing their names to the tune of "Winnie the Pooh"!

These two little ladies are our new kittens! You may have seen this post from earlier in the month when we were getting ready for their move-in (and look back at how teeny they were then!) Well, we collected them two weeks ago and they're now almost 12 weeks old and settling in wonderfully. Roo (the black one with the white stripe) was very shy at first and has only in the last couple of days started to take to us. She'd hide and run away from us at all costs, venturing out from under the TV only to eat, however the last few days she's really getting brave and is playing with us and letting us fuss her. Last night she finally plucked up the courage to be our best friend and slept on Chris's chest all evening with her little white belly on display for all to tickle! It's so lovely to see how she's slowly developing such trust in us.

As for Binky (white with black patches like a cow!), she's been a little menace right from the start! She's so different to her tiny sister. She's bigger, braver and far more boisterous. All she wants to do is play and wrestle and gives many kisses. She's a little terror (and a bit of a bully to tiny Roo!) but has been so loveable from day one. Nothing and no one scares her... lil badass Binks! But oh my what a pretty girl she is. Roo makes me giggle with her frazzled little whiskers and black spotted nose!

We love them already and can't wait to come home to see them every day! I'll be writing a post soon about our experience with the RSPCA/cat shelters and the process of rescuing a cat if you were interested - it's been a pleasure and I'd fully recommend it if you were thinking of getting a pet!
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Sunday, 25 May 2014

It's been a fair while since I treated myself to anything beauty related; to be honest I feel like I'm letting my self-care slip a little bit especially since joining the gym recently. Yes I'm physically trying to get healthier, but it also means I spend a lot more time with gross sweaty and frizzy hair these days with my make up melting off. I'm way overdue a hair cut, my skin is looking pretty bad and my mascara and eyeliner are practically dried out. So a few new beauty bits are in order to kick start my efforts to be a bit prettier once more!  

On to my wishlist. I get bumpy skin on my upper arms so the scrub would work a treat for me. Plus Soap & Glory products always smell yummy. I sniffed the Escada fragrance today and it's so fresh and summery; it's also a pretty addition to the dressing table. Barry M's new Aquarium shades are so luscious and would compliment a tan extremely well (if I'm lucky enough to get one this year!). A top quality hair oil is something I desperately need - after trying L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil I'm put off the cheaper high street brands, this one felt so synthetic and just seemed to coat my hair in liquid plastic! I'll never buy a L'Oreal hair oil again. I hear good things about Kerastase so I'd be willing to cough up the cash for this one. A lip conditioner with the colour of a lipstick is perfect for summer evenings and a COMPLETELY jet-black-yet-waterproof liquid eyeliner is still a perfect product I'm yet to find. I'm not sure if this Benefit one is waterproof, but I'd like to give it a test to find out...

Have you a summer beauty product you can't be without? Or can you tell me where to find the perfect liquid liner as I just can't seem to get my hands on one!?
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Sunday, 4 May 2014

You may remember this post I wrote a few weeks ago where I mentioned we were hoping to adopt two rescue kittens from a local shelter. Well, thankfully all seems to be going well and so we have been given the go ahead to collect them next Saturday (woohoo, so excited!) I went to visit them a few weeks ago whilst Chris was away with work to find out what sex they were - turns out we'd chosen two baby girls! They were only 5 weeks old and teeny at this point with their pink baby tags on... SO CUTE I COULD SQUEEZE 'EM arrgghhh!

We have started to buy them what they'll need, including lots of little toys and bits like a soft catnip mouse toy which it turns out is nearly as big as they are... I hope it doesn't scare them, haha! We found lots of great things for them at Wilko and Pets at Home in particular. The paw print fleece blanket is to go in their carry case and was a little bargain from eBay!

And I may have gone just a little bit far in spending half an hour this afternoon turning a couple of cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes into a 2 storey kitten house. I probably would have gone as far as getting the papier-mâché and paints out to decorate it but I had to stop and have a quiet word with myself - come on, you've gone too far now, this is just getting silly. 

If the kittens don't use my awesome yet crappy "Malibu Kitten Dreamhouse" I'll probably cry after battling with all that brown sticky tape - I want to see them sleeping in there, looking through the windows, maybe climbing up to the second storey to look out over their tiny kingdom. Whatever really. I'm just SO EXCITED. Have you any tips for bringing home new kittens?
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Friday, 2 May 2014

Viktor & Rolf BonBon now available at Debenhams*

Soft, sweet and almost edible is how I'd describe this luxurious new fragrance from Viktor & Rolf. The cutest pink bottle shaped like a bow (or is it a wrapped candy?) holds a liquid filled with mandarin, orange, peach, sandalwood, jasmine and amber scents wrapped together in caramel. It's silky smooth, girly and feminine without being sickly sweet. It's a creamy fragrance. When I originally saw the bottle I did wonder if it would be too sweet for me, but it certainly isn't. It's dreamy! BonBon has quickly become one of my favourite perfumes and I will happily re-stock this on my dressing table once it runs out! It's just perfect. Maybe more of an evening perfume in my collection; perfect for when you want to dress up a little more fancy than usual. It reminds me of a more mature version of Vera Wang Princess Night which is always one of my favourite perfumes!

BonBon starts from £50 for the 30ml, so it is a higher end perfume but in my opinion this luxury is worth every penny. Best of all is this is available with free delivery from Debenhams right now!
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