Sunday, 4 May 2014

You may remember this post I wrote a few weeks ago where I mentioned we were hoping to adopt two rescue kittens from a local shelter. Well, thankfully all seems to be going well and so we have been given the go ahead to collect them next Saturday (woohoo, so excited!) I went to visit them a few weeks ago whilst Chris was away with work to find out what sex they were - turns out we'd chosen two baby girls! They were only 5 weeks old and teeny at this point with their pink baby tags on... SO CUTE I COULD SQUEEZE 'EM arrgghhh!

We have started to buy them what they'll need, including lots of little toys and bits like a soft catnip mouse toy which it turns out is nearly as big as they are... I hope it doesn't scare them, haha! We found lots of great things for them at Wilko and Pets at Home in particular. The paw print fleece blanket is to go in their carry case and was a little bargain from eBay!

And I may have gone just a little bit far in spending half an hour this afternoon turning a couple of cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes into a 2 storey kitten house. I probably would have gone as far as getting the papier-mâché and paints out to decorate it but I had to stop and have a quiet word with myself - come on, you've gone too far now, this is just getting silly. 

If the kittens don't use my awesome yet crappy "Malibu Kitten Dreamhouse" I'll probably cry after battling with all that brown sticky tape - I want to see them sleeping in there, looking through the windows, maybe climbing up to the second storey to look out over their tiny kingdom. Whatever really. I'm just SO EXCITED. Have you any tips for bringing home new kittens?
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  1. haha love your dreamhouse, so cute!
    They are gorgeous and I hope to see loads of photos of them :)
    I hope they're nicely settled in now. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. Oh yes, the photos of them are endless... I must post some here haha! x

  2. How exciting! I've got 3 rescue cats myself. I hope they like their dream house but they will find the strangest place to sleep


    1. Aw that's so lovely. They have really loved the "dream house" actually haha I'm pleased to say! They love sleeping on the dining table chairs at the moment lol x


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