Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It all looks so sweet and neat in these pictures. In reality, the kittens are four-legged loveable little hooligans, the dining room chairs are scratched to pieces and there's always a huge laundry pile and bowl of dirty dishes to deal with. There's lots of kitten poop. The lawn mower cable was mowed over and chewed up on the first go. Lack of furniture means our brand new carpet has seen it's fair share of spillages. And let's not get started on the bills... bye bye money! There has been stress and there have been arguments.

But as stressful as we've found running our first home, we're getting better at dealing with things and I think we make a pretty good team. We wouldn't have it any other way now. Our house is homely, warm and cosy and actually a really nice place to be. We love our little home and our little (furry) family. The first six months here have been a real learning curve. Let's see what the next six bring... :-)
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  1. Your house looks beautiful! Well done on getting it all done :)

    Keli | kelskurls.blogspot.com xx

  2. I'm glad to hear everything is going so well! :) Your house looks absolutely lovely!
    I adore all the little owls and how cute is that little squirrel? I hope you don't mind me asking where you bought it?
    Best of luck for the next six months and more in your home! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. Thanks Ellis!

      We bought it from Barratts home builders and it's in Telford, a town wedged between the mid Wales border and Birmingham!

      Dayner x


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