Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ridding our new house of its many walls of magnolia is well under way. We started our decorating with the downstairs cloakroom; as it's the tiniest room in the house I felt it was the best place to start being a novice decorator! But it went very well and so the hallway was next up... this was the before shot. A very open, plain space and so very magnolia. This boring little room left much to be desired. 

And after...

Ta da! Our new hall is still simple but now has it's own style. It feels warm, welcoming and well cared for. We wanted this room to feel homely and give a good cosy first impression - after all the hallway is the first room a guest will see. The warmth and texture of the rustic pine compliment the calm, tranquil sage green to perfection. I just fell in love with this colour scheme. It has the feminine/masculine balance just right which is necessary for us living as a couple, we have to compromise. Pink paint and shabby chic white furniture are not allowed in this house, but then dark paint and Manchester United shirts put into frames aren't allowed either! (well, at least not outside of his "man cave" anyway!) ;-)

A place for everything and everything in it's place. I can't bear clutter and I'm on a mission to clear up. No more car keys living on the dining room table. No more missing spare keys! This adorable wooden key cabinet was the perfect find and such a little bargain. It even has a teeny chalkboard for little messages. It's charming and I'm completely in love with it!

This pine unit originally had the most horrid black metal gothic pull handles on it, see here... yuk! So I bought a packet of bronzed metal knobs from B&Q, good quality heavy ones and did a bit of a swap and I just think they look SOOOO much nicer! And they were so easy to change too!

The other side of the room is still incomplete... we need a long blind and a piece of artwork as well as some paint edges that need touching up, but I just couldn't wait to put these first photos up on the blog as I'm so pleased with it! Have you made over any rooms in your home recently? Do share your link below!
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