Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mini V Nutrition Mini Shake in Chocolate Silk, Strawberries & Cream and Vanilla c/o

I joined the gym last year and initially just plodded along with cardio... until recently I decided I wanted to get more into weight training as my extra sponge is proving hard to shift! To be fair I'm only a size 10/12 but I'm a rather soft and cuddly 10/12 with no tone or definition whatsoever! For me losing weight or dropping a dress size is of no interest, I just want to improve my shape and lower my body fat percentage. So I'm more interested in weights and protein these days. Lifting weights will tone your body, improve your shape, help you lose body fat and speed up your metabolism. We should all do it when at the gym ladies - don't be afraid, there's no way lifting some 5kg dumbbells is ever going to turn you into a bodybuilder or make you "bulky"... we just don't have the testosterone for that to happen, and besides, building big muscles is actually very hard work and takes real dedication!

I'm sure you'll have seen the Geordie Shore ladies in all the mags recently and the amazing body transformations they've gone through. I don't watch the show itself but I can't help but be inspired by what these girls have achieved! Mini V Nutrition is a new range of protein and supplements by the incredibly fit Vicky Pattison and I was sent these Mini V Shakes in three flavours to try. These bottles are so convenient for on the go as you just fill them up with water and/or milk and shake. I used skimmed milk in mine and was really pleased at how easy to drink they were. I've tried protein before that is so gloopy and thick (bleurgghhh) and has that distinctive protein taste and these are SO not like that - they're smooth and silky and with lovely flavours. The Chocolate Silk is my favourite and the Vanilla tastes like a Milkybar... it's more like white chocolate than Vanilla, mmm. 

The best thing about these is they're very nearly sugar free and give a great dose of protein in one serving (about 27-28g!) so you won't be feeling the hunger for a long while after one of these! I love the simple and clean packaging design and how convenient these are, and they taste great. The only downside is they're quite expensive at £2.99 each so for better value per serving, you'd be much better off buying a larger tub of Mini Whey and a shaker. 

I'd definitely consider purchasing myself a tub of this stuff for the taste alone! Plus, I'm starting to notice teeeeeeny little biceps forming in my arms so I'm keen to eat and drink more protein to hang on to these... one of my long-term goals is to have some nice toned arms in my wedding dress!

Do you use any supplements for your fitness? If you have any recommendations do let me know!
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