Sunday, 27 September 2015

Perfect blonde is always hard to achieve... I quite like my natural dark blonde hair colour as it's quite greyish and ashy, but I like to have very bright blonde fine highlights to lighten it and add different tones as the darkness of my own hair colour doesn't compliment my skin all that well - I'm quite pale/cool skinned so I suit a lighter ash blonde highlight through my hair to make my skin look less stark and ghostly white! My hair easily goes brassy and yellow if not cared for properly however, and in a perfect world I'd love the palest lilac/silver mermaid hair... ahhh.

I put this picture up on Instagram not long ago but it does need doing again as it's been several weeks. I bought 2 colours of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL HD Ultra Brights in Purple Punk and Electric Blue to mess with. I tried this DIY toner on a bit of a whim and thought... what's the worst that can happen? So I took a small bowl of conditioner and squeezed a small teaspoon of each of the colours into it and mixed thoroughly. The mix was dark and very purple and I was maaaaybe a little scared. But what the heck. I smothered the bright purple mixture onto my whole head and put on a very ugly shower cap for about 20/30 minutes before washing off. Despite the depth of colour of the mixture in the bowl however, I was left with this lovely and pale ashy, lavender tone with just the odd lilac streak through it. And as my hair had been soaked in conditioner for 20 odd minutes, it felt silky too.

The best thing about this is the tube is usable again and again so as long as you have conditioner your hair can always be re-toned in 20 minutes! The only thing disappointing is the darkness of my natural roots meant they didn't really take the colour as I haven't had highlights done for months now, but the lengths were just a perfect colour for me. I think I'll soon have some highlights redone and then I'll re-tone! I suppose if you upped the dose of colour in the mix you might get an even brighter result. But I'd definitely recommend this method to tone yellowing brassy blonde hair, especially lighter blonde. So easy, cheap and doable again and again!


  1. This looks amazing, I'll definately try this at some point :) xxx

  2. This is such a gorgeous colour. I keep thinking about going back blonde and would definitely give this a go when I give up the bright

  3. Ooh I really love the subtlety of this look, has colour but it's not too crazy :) Looks great on you! x


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