Thursday, 1 January 2015

This Christmas I got out the sewing box and made a few little felt decorations by hand. As this was our first Christmas in our own home we had to buy everything from scratch so when it came to decorations, every little extra helped fill that tree up!

A few of my lovely gifts. The Ted Baker cosmetic bag is especially helpful... I have used this Ted Baker bag for over a year and as pretty as it is, it's become too small to hold my make up. I don't have any kind of dressing table set up yet so almost all my make up needs to fit in one bag! This one is nice and big and fits the bill perfectly!

Gifts from Lush and Yankee Candle are always appreciated! I had asked for Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella as gifts this year as I haven't seen either film for a long time and I'm trying to create a Disney blu ray collection! I also gave Frozen a go which we watched on Christmas Day evening, it was a very sweet film and I really enjoyed it. I totally get why all the kids wanna be Queen Elsa now!

Some more lovely bits I was given. The furry hot water bottle will do nicely on my snuggly sofa of an evening and these glitter Primark pumps are fab!

Our first Christmas tree! We're hoping on getting a fireplace put in soon however so next years tree may need to be a little bit skinnier!

I got a bit overexcited and insisted on a second Christmas tree, a skinny one for the hallway!

We got some housey gifts this year too seeing as we're suddenly real adults (how did that happen?) Our new spice rack from BHS looks beautiful sat on the kitchen counter and I'll be very pleased to start cooking with it!

Binks and Ruby had themselves a few gifts too for their very first Cat-mas! Some new toys, a kitty stocking each and a special Sheba turkey dinner pot! They sat and observed us opening all our presents and got very involved in the festive season, hahaha! 

Best. Toy. Ever.

...and naturally no decoration was safe from tiny paws and claws!

He received it 2 days late as I'd forgot that I'd hidden it in a drawer (oops) but I made Chris a card inspired by our tiny feline companions, Binky and Roo!

Christmas Day began with breakfast in bed, and it was the baddest, tastiest breakfast ever! teeheehee

On Boxing Day it started snowing :-) only a day late of course...!

And of course, our special day :-)

I went a bit snap happy this Christmas! Now a few more days to relax and then it's back to work and reality on Monday, boo! However, it has been one very nice and very memorable Christmas and it's now onwards and upwards to 2015. Happy new year to you all!
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