Sunday, 8 March 2015

Today is the 1st birthday of our little baby bears, Binky and Ruby. These two sisters have lived with us since they were only nine weeks old and we love them so much; they're not just cats, they're our furry little besties. Binks is full of beans, too curious, a bit naughty bad to the bone and is likely to have the cat form of ADHD should it exist. She has destroyed every toy she's ever been given and plays tug of war with her toy snake; she will growl if she thinks you're winning. She eats almost anything, answers to her name and chases her own tail round in circles (we've nicknamed her Cat-Dog). But she is still the the most loveable little lady who likes nothing more than to lounge on your lap in front of the TV most evenings and follow your every movement. She's also quite partial to a smooch on the lips now and then (*kitty will kiss for Dreamies!*) 

Ruby is very different. She's quiet, cuddly and gentle but a little timid at times and hates the sound of the doorbell. She's not as "in your face" as Binky but when she does have her affectionate moments, she falls head over heels in love with you. She has this little "prance" in her walk where she swings her hips and whips her tail whilst making sounds like a pigeon, with fur so shiny and sleek like a seal! Roo is always first to the food bowl and her chunky little body and swingy belly pouch makes for a lovely spongy cuddle. She's our little black pudding, aww. Happy birthday little stinkies!
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