About Me

Hello! I'm Dayner. Thanks for stopping by my little old blog for a good nosey! I'm a 20-something with a love for home, fashion, beauty, food and jewellery and so this lifestyle blog was born. I live in a pretty house in Shropshire with my fiancĂ© and our two lovely cats Binky and Ruby otherwise known as Binx and RooRoo (huge fashion-girly-blogger-clichĂ© I KNOW but it's true, I love them felines... they really are my two furry little besties). Now we have a house I'm starting to feel a bit more like a grown up, and I'm on a mission to (very slowly) become a domestic goddess. But I'll always be a 5 year old obsessed with Disney movies at heart. I love to be cosy and surrounded by candles. I'm a real home bird and though I lead a quiet life, I consider myself an incredibly lucky lady!

I wonder where the next few years will take us and our little family...

I hope you'll follow, it'd be lovely to have you as a new friend!
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